A Space Adventure

Anny K. and her robot Droid 07 were kidnapped and
locked in different rooms inside a ship
controlled by DreX Androids. What they don't know is
that Anny has a device to control the Droid 07
remotely and can use it to escape back to her
planet. In this adventure, help the Droid 07 to overcome
challenges, solve mysteries and free her friend from the
enemy forces.


Beautiful retro graphics in pixel art style, rescuing the nostalgia of old games.

Great sound effects, exciting story and music tracks exciting to keep the player fully immersed in the game.

The game has a progression system for the character main Droid 07 that unlocks new abilities as the player advances through levels.

More than 40 levels in 4 different worlds.

Coin system that, when collected, unlock bonus levels.

2 playable characters.


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